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加拿大2019年《中樂技術考級》2019 CCOM Technique Exam in Canada

上星期放假,所以有一段時間更新我的Blog。不過上星期我提交了報名表,參加今年的考級測試。在加拿大的箏友,有興趣的話,可以考慮一下參加今年的考級。在卑詩省的朋友,考級今年會在10月中進行,地點是温哥華。考試的規則和詳請在庇詩中樂協會網站有介紹。要注意的時,申請考級的日期數天前己截止 – 6月30日 (我貼這文也晚了一點……),不過協會網站上說「逾期的報考申請將由主辦單位作個別考慮,如獲批准,考生須繳逾期費$20.00。」,所以有興趣的朋友便要快點!


Last week I was away on vacation, that’s why I haven’t updated my blog for a while. Also, last week I mailed my application form for this year’s technique exam. For those who are in Canada, if you are interested perhaps you can consider taking the exam. For those who live in British Columbia, the exam will take place in October in Vancouver. Details and eligibility are listed on BCCMA’s website. Please note that the official deadline for applying to take the exam has passed. It was June 30, 2019. (I know I am a bit late making this post…). However, on BCCMA’s website, it does say that they might consider late application. If approved, there is a $20 late fee. So, if you are interested, please act fast and submit your application!


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