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愛丁堡大學的網上基礎樂理證書課程 University of Edinburgh’s Online Fundamentals of Music Theory certification course

我最近開始上一個新的樂理課程。英國愛丁堡大學跟網上課程平台Coursera 合作了一段時期,推行了一個為期六星期的22小時基礎樂理證書課程。這個課程跟我之前介紹英國公開大學的那個課程不一樣。愛丁堡大學這個課程,是全網上英文課程,內容規劃分開了六星期,每個星期都會集中講解一個或是數個主要課題。每個星期學生都需要完成一個簡單的小測驗(就是一些選擇題,只要有認真上課的,都不會感到太難的),小測驗無時間限制,也可以無限次的重試直到合格為止。課程的最尾還有一個考試。完成後學生便有機會得到一張由愛丁堡大學和Coursera 合印的電子證書,可以在自己家中列印出來保留。

為何我會找到這個課程?其實我已經在Coursera那裡上了很多不同的課程,有醫療課程、市場學、領袖訓練等等……它們有很多不同種類的課程,由不同大學的教授教導,而且很多大學都是很有名的,如愛丁堡大學、新加坡大學、香港大學、東京大學、多倫多大學等等。之前我提到我現在上第二個碩士課程,其實也是在Coursera找到的,就是Coursera和University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign 合辦的工商管理碩士課程。根據我的經驗,我很推薦Coursera的課程,質素有保證。


貼士:如果大家想參加考試和得到證書,但那$50美金的學費真的付不來,其實Coursera有提供申請助學金方法,而且很容易的!在課程的簡介頁,上面有一條連結 “Financial Aid Available”,按下後跟着指示填寫,其中包括2條問題,需要申請人解釋為何申請助學金,和申請人會如果利用學到的知識。提交網上申請表後,一般只需要等2星期左右便會自動收到通知,告知申請獲接受,之後便可以立刻開始上課!其實只需要花半小時左右提交助學金申請表,便可以免費上課!Coursera一般都不會要助學金申請者提交任何入息或工作證明,所以大家不用擔心。

最後一點,這個課程雖說是基礎課程,個人認為其實比較適合已略懂樂理的朋友。這是因為他們沒有很仔細講解每一點,所以初學者可能會有點一頭霧水,跟不上進度。我建議先上Caleb Curry的課免費17小時樂理課程再上這個會更容易理解。

助學金申請連結在左方。The Financial Aid application is on the left.
22個小時的課程。22 hours of lessons.
課程的導師。Course instructors.


Recently, I have started another new music theory course. Yes I’m quite addicted to music theory now. This course is a collaboration between the popular online course platform Coursera and the University of Edinburgh in the UK. This is a 6-week, 22-hour-course, and is quite different from the music theory from Open University that I introduced about two months ago. This course is an online course in English. The contents are divided into six weeks. Each week features one or several key topics. Every week, students need to complete a simple quiz (well… some multiple-choice questions… if you watch all the lecture videos, you should have no problems in passing the quiz. For the quiz, there is no time limit. You can take them as many times as you want until you pass. At the end of the course, there is also a final exam. Upon completion of the course, students will have the opportunity to receive a certificate electronically jointly from the University of Edinburgh and Coursera, which can be printed at home.

Why do I recommend this course? Well, actually I have already taken quite a number of courses on Coursera, including Clinical Terminology, Introduction to Marketing, Leadership…etc. Coursera has a wide variety of courses that are taught by professors from many famous universities, such as the University of Edinburgh, the University of Singapore, the University of Hong Kong, the University of Tokyo, the University of Toronto and many more. In one of my previous blog posts, I mentioned that I am currently pursuing a second master’s degree program. Well… I actually found the program on Coursera It is an MBA program jointly run by Coursera and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Based on my experience, I highly recommend Coursera’s courses – the quality is guaranteed.

Having said that, I have not talked about the course fee! On Coursera, if you take a course in the Audit mode, you can’t take any exams in the course, so there is no certificate at the end. However, you can still watch all the lecture videos and have access to all the reading materials. If you pay for a course, you can take the exam and get a certificate. The whole Fundamentals of Music Theory course is about $50 USD.

Tips: If you want to take the exam and get a certificate, but the course fee of $50 is not affordable to you, there’s a solution! Coursera actually allows students to apply for financial aid! On the introductory page of the course, there is a link “Financial Aid Available”. Click the link to follow the instructions. You will then need to answer two questions, explaining why you apply for the financial aid, and how you will use the knowledge acquired. After submitting the online application form, you usually only need to wait for two weeks or so to receive an automatic notice from Coursera, informing you that the application is accepted. Then you can start your first class immediately! It only takes about half an hour to submit a financial aid application form, then you can take the course for free! Coursera generally does not require financial aid applicants to submit any proof on income or employment, so don’t worry!

Finally, although this course is a fundamental course, I think it is more suitable for people who already have some understanding of music theory. This is because the instructors don’t explain all the points explicitly, so beginners may be a bit confused and find it hard to keep up. I recommend to start with Caleb Curry’s Free 17-hour Music Theory course first before diving into the Edinburgh one.