Line up of guzheng bridges
指甲, Nail, Pick

平面、單凹槽指甲比較 Flat and with Groove Picks




My first pair of Guzheng picks was given by my first teacher. Both sides were flat. At that time, I didn’t know much about nails. Since my teacher gave them to me, I thought they wouldn’t be that bad, right? After some years when I started playing Guzheng again, I bought a new Guzheng. The package included a pair of medium-sized plastic flat picks. What I noticed was that as I practiced more, the fingers became uncomfortable. I know medium size was too small for my fingers. But the discomfort seemed to come from the pressure on my fingers. I mentioned it to my current teacher. She suggested that I grab a pair of grooved picks. After using them for more than two years, I still love my one-sided- grooved picks. The pressure of my fingers is pretty much gone. When my fingers rest on the grooves, it’s actually quite comfortable. In addition, the method I use to wrap my picks (see here). I have had no problems with sweaty hands. The picks usually stay well and firmly.

I know there are other kinds of Guzheng picks in the market, such as those with double grooves, single curved, double curved, and half moon style. What is your favourite shape?


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